Dear Caring Transitions La Jolla Management Team,

We thank you and your wonderful staff for the marvelous work you did in relocating and liquidating our personal belongings and household goods prior to our La Jolla home remodeling project.

Our precious items were treated as if they were your own. Your personal attention to detail and dedication was beyond our expectations and even the most challenging aspects of the project were handled flawlessly. After evaluating different companies to help us with this project, it became clear to us why Caring Transitions La Jolla is so superior. The smooth integration between personalized service, preparing the home, packing our belongings, marketing items for liquidation and final clean out was handled efficiently and expertly.

Thanks again and know that we would gladly recommend your services at any time and we know you will have a most successful future.

Tom & Mary G. - La Jolla, CA


Dear Will and the Caring Transitions Team:


I felt that it was important to put down in writing how much you and your staff impressed my sister, and myself during the process of liquidating our parents home. It was a very difficult time for us, having just lost our father to cancer. You and your team were not only the ultimate professionals, but were supportive and understanding during the whole process. You and your team made the process so easy for us. You were also so understanding when we couldn't decide if something should be sold or not.

The job that your team did sorting, pricing, and displaying my parents things was phenomenal. An accumulation of sixty years of memories. As things were being brought out, it became clear to me what a mammoth job this was and yet your team handled it with ease and a caring attitude. It is with the deepest gratitude that I would like to thank you and your staff on such a magnificent job. I tell everyone about your company and how fantastic you all were to work with.

Victoria R.



Dear Caring Transitions Management Team,

I felt it was important that I formally commend you and your staff for the job completed at the home of my in-laws, Vernon and Janet R. I had read recommendations regarding your company and researched your involvement in the San Diego Estate Liquidation trade prior to our first meeting. However, your knowledge and experience far exceeded my expectations, and your teams professionalism and fair business practices made the process of downsizing stress-free for my in- laws. After accumulating memories for than 40 years in their Del Mar home, neither of them were eager to tackle the responsibility of sorting, selling, packing, and moving. Your staff handled each of these aspects of the job with skill and thoughtful attention-to-detail. Your entire team’s enthusiasm and ability to categorize and arrange items was remarkable. Whether managing the staff, and photographing everything to be sold, or pricing, and advertising for the estate sale, everyone was remarkable. Both of my in-laws were impressed with the caliber of employee associated with your team, and were quite comfortable with them in their home.

Your explanation of the entire process was quite accurate and you delivered as promised - including have them completely moved in (beds made and art-work hung) in one day! When 
my in-laws arrived at their new home, your staff was eager to greet them and show them where everything had been placed. Undoubtedly, this was the easiest move of their lives!

Life changes are not always welcome, and are often accompanied by anxiety. You and your team simplified this entire process for my in-laws and provided the support that they needed to move into the next phase of their lives. The compassion you and your staff demonstrated truly is reflected in your company name - Caring Transitions.


Elizabeth R.

Below is an e-mail we received from a clients son after Caring Transitions of La Jolla performed an estate sale. We shipped a few items from their mother's estate to family members living out of state.

Caring Transitions of La Jolla,

I received your phone message yesterday. Thanks for the follow-up. I did receive the ship and sword and all is well. The packing was superb and everything is intact.We (me, my brother and our Mom, Alice) would like to thank you for a job not only well done, but incredibly well done! From start to finish, your company provided the utmost in service, organization and follow-up. We would highly recommend Caring Transitions! Will, thanks for the big HELP!!

Best Regards,

Kevin M.

Below is an e-mail we received from a couple that Caring Transitions La Jolla did an Estate Sale for in September of 2013.  We can provide their phone number on request.

Caring Transitions of La Jolla,

Chuck & I for some time have wanted to send you a thank you note for your wonderful support & caring through what could have been a difficult and stressful time. It is never easy closing a long chapter of your life, but from the first meeting with you, it was clear your primary interest was to make the closure of my home painless, and efficient. The research you put into what I thought were priceless items was phenomenal and helpful in getting fair prices, and, yet moving the items on to new homes. We can't say enough about your team - how professional, organized, and just helpful in answering questions. You also allowed us to bring other items to the sale from our family which also was a great blessing. And what can we say about the clean up - the least is that it was superb leaving nothing to us. We were able to put the house immediately on the market, again taking all the stress & preparation off of us.

We also want to compliment you on the sale of our older motor home. The care and professionalism you took in the Motorhome advertising made it hard for a buyer to resist, resulting in the quick sale. But, you, Will, went beyond just the sale of our R.V. You made sure that every aspect of the sale was complete and right for both parties. This says a lot about your integrity. Both the seller & the buyer were blessed for your extra concern and going beyond what was required of you.

Finally, we just want to say, we recommend you always to friends & family, but if you ever need us to tell what a wonderful caring group Caring Transitions is please feel free to call us. Everything went so smoothly the only sadness I have is that it is over. But, maybe we will have a need of your expertise again, and now we will know how to get hold of you.


Chuck & Jessie M.


27 December 2013

Caring Transitions of La Jolla,

The year 2013 is coming to a close and as I reflect on the events of my family’s life this year, I fondly remember how much you and your staff at Caring Transitions were such a big part of it.  I knew clearing out my parents’ home would be too large a task for my small family, and that I would need to turn to a service such as yours for help- and what a help you all were.  I had told myself that I would not just go with the first service I spoke to.  I emailed/phoned at least 5 services for information- one of them being Caring Transitions.  But the moment I sat down with you at our first meeting I knew I didn’t need to look any further- you put me right at ease.  I knew I could hand over the keys to the property and all of its belongings with trust and confidence.  More than that, I was encouraged by your enthusiasm that we could hold a very successful estate sale while taking the pressure and stress off of the family, still reeling from the recent loss of our mother.  That was important since Saul and I had to work at jobs.

Again, we want you to know much we appreciated that your company worked with us every step of the way- even up until the end with the items that did not sell.  Your understanding on the fate of those items meant the world to us.  The care that your staff showed also in prepping and displaying all the items for the estate sale was fabulous, and everyone was so friendly and nice!  You have a great team around you.

And the support Caring Transitions gave us wasn’t just in clearing out the property.  It was also how quickly and professionally you handled us after the estate sale when we lost our commission check!  You were ready to help and got the check replaced- and we are forever grateful.

During our estate sale journey together, Saul and I learned a lot about estate sales and about treasured memories, but we also learned a lot about people- people caring about other people.  We learned that there ARE more caring people out there than we sometimes get to experience, and you CAN trust them.  We feel very fortunate that we got to experience that caring and trust with you, Susie, and your team.  Caring Transitions- such an appropriate name for what your company does, and we could not have made it through this year without all of your team’s hard work.  It is our pleasure to boast about you every chance we get---and we do!  Thank you.

Linda M & Saul DT


Your team helped make my move so much easier.  You were all so conscientious, helpful, and caring from start to finish.  I knew I was in good hands.
I would not hesitate to recommend "Caring Transitions".  Everything went so smoothly....you really got the job done!  Thank you, thank you for everything!
Carol B.